Because 5 star customer experience is the secret to online success

I love working with people

(Ok, if I’m honest I’d rather be a full time stay at home mum to my cats, but as that’s not an option, this is a pretty good alternative!)

I want to help YOU to make your product-based business the best it can be.

People buy from people, and I can help you find your way to connect with your customers and take the stress out of customer service in the process. 

I love working with business owners who want to do good in the world and always do right by their customers.

I’m a qualified psychotherapist and have worked in various customer service and user involvement roles over the past decade. 

I can help you create…

A big-hearted business that brings you joy.

A reputation to be proud of.

Loyal fans who keep coming back because they feel a real connection to you and your business.

The internet is a busy place.

But, there are

powerful ways to set your business apart

The Extra Mile

A genuine willingness to do right by your customers and go above and beyond (every now and then things go wrong – it’s how you deal with them when that happens that matters!).

The Personal Touch

As more and more of us shop online, small businesses can offer that personal touch we all look for. Shopping is about building relationships. 

The 5 Star Experience

A shop that’s optimised for the best possible customer experience – understanding who your ideal customers are what they really want will bring clarity to your marketing too (and you’ll be able to predict and prevent issues before they become issues, too!).

Who am I?

I was an online shopkeeper...

…starting my first Etsy shop selling handmade jewellery way back in the day, when no one had really heard of Etsy yet. I went on to have my second and third product-based business and loved it. I’ve been where you are now with your business and understand why sometimes outside input can be so helpful. 

I live (& shop!) online...

…when it comes to online shopping. I’ve discovered pretty much all my favourite brands online and just love buying from independent businesses. From cat food to dungarees, I buy everything online. 

I'm so interested in how we all think...

 …I trained as a psychotherapist to help me understand why we make the choices we make. That’s not the career path I’ve chosen (for now, anyway) but I’m still really interested in understanding how us humans think and especially the connections we make with each other and the world around us.