Summer Sale


Laura Talanti Design & Illustration

Regular price £2.50

Some pins don't turn out quite perfect but they are still absolutely fine to wear! This listing is for these slightly flawed pins at a discounted price - you are buying with the understanding you're not getting a "collectors grade" perfect pin. That said, flaws are small and mostly not at all noticeable from any distance. 

Potential flaws include tiny bubbles or specks on enamel surface; small areas of enamel over metal; tiny flecks of dust trapped under enamel; slightly uneven enamel surface; slightly uneven enamel fill or tiny scratches on enamel or metal. 

The pins available are: 
Anxieties/Adventures - hard enamel 
Underslept & Overcaffeinated - hard enamel in two variants
Always Overthinking - hard enamel
I'd Rather Be At Home with My Cat - soft enamel in ginger, lilac and mint
Introvert Club of One Lifetime Member - soft enamel
You Are Enough - white soft enamel with iridescent glitter and epoxy coating
You Are Enough - teal soft enamel

Limited quantities available - in most cases once they're gone, they're gone and will not be restocked. 

Seconds sale pins arrive in little plastic baggies (not on display cards) to keep costs down. 

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