* Seconds Sale * Pluto pin

Laura Talanti Design & Illustration

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* Seconds Sale * Pluto pin

***  Please note the pins in this listing are classed as "seconds" quality i.e. they have not met my strict quality control due to small flaws on the surface. The flaws include tiny bumps or scratches on the enamel surface; uneven enamel surface; small issues with plating; small areas of enamel over plating and other such issues. Still perfectly wearable and would be fine as a stocking filler this holiday season! 


This little guy is Pluto! 

When I was at school, Pluto was still a planet, but turns out he's not quite like the other planets and he's no longer classed as one of them. So I made him as a little reminder that you don't need to fit into a crowd you don't fit into! Be like Pluto, do your own thing! 

Pluto is a soft enamel pin finished in super shiny rainbow (or duochrome) metal for a colourful touch of extra awesome-ness. He's made in light grey enamel. This little guy measures approx 0.87 inches across - petite and sweet. Due to the nature of the plating, each one will look a tiny bit different. (And that's the beauty of doing your own thing - you're unique too!)